The holidays are here! And, last day of free shipping!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!  Mine was great, minus the raging cold I was left with!  But there's nothing better than spending time with friends and family in these chilly wet months of November and December.  What better way to warm our hearts than the laughter and company of loved ones?

Butterball "Frankenturkey" vs. "Lean Mean" Free Ranger (who actually turned out to be quite nice.)
I have so much to share with you over the next month!  Craft show season has ended and I can finally come up for air (and get my craft on.)  Thanks again to all the folks who came out to support local handmade small businesses at these fairs.  The news from Black Friday was very sad - the state of our country is troubled indeed when people are hurt as a result of blatant greed and anger.  If any lesson is to be taken away, it should a reality check of what's really important this holiday season, and that giving your money businesses that facilitate this kind of senseless violence (it's not the first time, unfortunately) will only further excuse their greed and corruption.  Thank goodness handmade is gaining popularity!  You get to know who makes your goods and hold them personally accountable (good or bad) for what they make.  Isn't that how it should be?

(There.  I'm off my soap box!)

Indoor Snow Terrarium
I will be sharing some fairly easy and inexpensive ideas on the blog in the coming days!  Decorations for the holidays (DIY projects/tutorials), tips on how to give vintage (meaningful gifts, recycling), easy projects to make (baking, sewing, etc.) and also some pictures of Linus the cat - I am making him a bow tie because what white fluffy cat doesn't need a bow tie for Christmas???

Lastly - today is the last day to enjoy free shipping in my Etsy shop!  I will have another deal next weekend too, but the fascinators are selling fast and I wouldn't want you to miss out on the perfect gift!  ;)  So use code TURKEYFREE at checkout and I will send it your items to you directly...

Have a super duper week!  XO

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  1. Beautiful fascinators!
    Would you like to give one away on Couture Carrie?
    Please contact me at carriecalligraphy@gmail.com.



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