Art on the Ave this Sunday!

Whew!  What a great week!  The weather is HOT and wonderful.  I've been busy trying to prepare for Art on the Ave in Tacoma this weekend, and will have loads of Deeds and Petunia handmade goodies for sale at my booth there.  My very first craft booth!  So exciting...

What have I been up to you ask?  Well, to begin I had an epic camping trip with amazing friends by the ocean in Westport. We braved Tokeland once again to watch the fireworks show on the reservation, stayed up until 5 AM sharing stories, ate more hot dogs than anyone should be allowed to eat and had all around, the best camping trip ever.

I've been carving stamps inspired by small furry animals:
I think Miss Mouse is my favorite.

I've also been drawing on cups and bowls (dishwasher safe!), making glittery bird houses, sewn and stamped stationery and gift tags, making little wrist cuffs and trying to come up with some other last minute creative ideas.  Want to do more aprons and make a banner for my shop.  And have yet to take any photos.  AAACK!  Running out of time!  Hopefully get it all done by this weekend...

Please come to Art of the Ave!  It should be great weather, a lot of fun activities, live music, food and of course artisans on display.  I really hope to see you there!

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