On childhood hunger in Tacoma: writing about the Backpack Program for Post Defiance

barrels full of food for Tacoma school children
Last weekend I was privileged to published my first article for Post Defiance, Tacoma's own online magazine dedicated to thoughtful content that reflects our community.  I felt lucky and scared (I'm certainly no journalist) and I poured my heart out for sure.  While it's always scary to create something for your community, it felt highly rewarding in the end.
shiny apples go into each backpack
The Backpack Program through St. Leo's Food Connection is a subject that's dear to my heart.  It became a passion project of mine to get a backpack program started at our own school this past year, and my hope was to share my wonderful experience so that others might feel inspired to get involved with the issue of childhood hunger in here Tacoma.
where backpacks are packed at St. Leo's
When I think about the sweet little faces I get to see every day when I drop my kids off at school, my heart melts.  Bright, smiling kids full of life and potential.  To think of even one of those babies going to bed without dinner or having a hungry tummy on a Saturday morning just kills me.  The backpack program is just one way to help stop this.  It's the way that fell in my path, and I'm happy to do what I can.
peanut butter - these jars were a bonus for the backpacks 
I hope you'll take a moment to read, and possibly feel inspired to help too.  Post Defiance is full of all kinds of amazing writing about this town we live in, so be sure to poke around some more when you're done.  It's part of what makes me proud to be part of this community.  Thanks Post Defiance!

Lastly, my husband took these photos, and I dare not take credit for them!  He is too talented.  :)


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations! Our family gets together every monday night to make PB&J for the homeless at Tacoma Rescue mission. We have done it every week straight for 2 years making 500 sandwiches each week. This post holds a special place in my heart!

  2. 500 sandwiches!!! That's incredible! What a beautiful contribution. How did you guys get involved with the rescue mission? Nice to see a new local face commenting here! :)


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