I Heart NY

I had the most fabulous journey across the country last week to the big apple.  My amazing and generous friend Erin graciously offered me her air miles to fly out and visit her in Manhattan.  I was there a week later (a big thank you to my husband for playing single parent while I was there!!!)

This is my second visit to New York, but this time I fell in love.  Erin lives in an apartment overlooking Central Park, which was in full bloom during my visit.  The air was warm, so were the people.  It's a huge place with thousands of faces, but still somehow manages to feel intimate and welcoming.

Central Park was the highlight of my trip.  It's a beautiful park.

I also enjoyed people watching and observing how they live in such a densely populated area.  There were little pops of color everywhere.

I really really wished I had more time to spend in the Village.  We heard some great music, had some amazing Indian (eggplant curry...  MMMMMMM.) and there were so many shops that I wanted to pop into, (but alas, will have to stop in on my next visit.)

Erin's beautiful baby boy is only 4 and a half months old.  He was lovely and cuddly and all smiles.  She's such a great mom.

I can't wait to go back!  I used to travel a ton BC (before children), and have caught the bug once again.  Might need to get a second job...

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